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Helping consumers, helping Bradley

David Horowitz '59 leads the fight for consumers’ rights through his Emmy-award-winning television show “Fight Back! With David Horowitz,” and he rallied for the success of Bradley University students by establishing a special scholarship and guiding scholars toward careers in journalism, government and consumer affairs.

David graduated with high honors from Bradley in 1959 and went on to establish a thriving career in broadcast journalism.  Now a well-known consumer advocate, David is a best-selling author of eight books about consumerism and won 15 Emmys for his “Fight Back!” television series, documentaries and news programs that educate consumers about their rights in the marketplace. 

David began his career in journalism as an investigative reporter and writer.  He produced news reports for NBC in New York and served as a cameraman and network correspondent in Vietnam.  He traveled the waters of the South Pacific to cover the Apollo 15 crash and risked his life providing the only live coverage of the 1971 earthquake in Los Angeles.  David developed a radio program known as “Call for Action” in New York, which was the first consumer complaint service that reached out to a radio audience. 

Known today as the “Big Gun of the Consumer Movement,” David unmasks faulty claims, tests suspicious products and promotes safety through his newspaper columns, radio shows and website, 

David’s mission has been to protect consumers through education, and his philosophy on life is profound.

“Life is full of compromise, but to compromise principle is to give up your self-respect.  I don’t want anyone to take me for a sucker, and I don’t want to see anyone else taken either.  A lot of things are unfair in life.  It’s tough; that’s the way it is.  But, by heaven, if you can do something about it, do it,” David said.

David is a seasoned guest of the “Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” and “The Today Show” as well as David Letterman, Jay Leno, Oprah and 20/20.

The recipient of 400 awards from government, industry and citizens’ groups, David is continually called upon to offer testimony to government bodies and international corporations.

While protecting our country’s consumers and promoting their rights under national media spotlights, David has never forgotten his alma mater.

He established the non-profit “Fight Back! Foundation for Consumer Education” in 1983 to fund summer internships at and scholarships for Bradley students.  The foundation endowed the David Horowitz Scholarship Fund with a $50,000 gift that annually funds an award to students in pursuit of journalism and consumer-related degrees. 

In his honor, an auditorium in the Caterpillar Global Communications Center was fondly named the David Horowitz Auditorium.

David delivered the commencement address at the December 2002 ceremony.  He also generously offers advice to students when groups of communication majors travel to Los Angeles for an Entertainment Industry Seminar during January terms.

The Bradley University Centurion Society proudly calls David one of its acclaimed members.  He is recognized as an alumnus who brought national credit to Bradley and who achieved great honor in his profession, thus serving as an example of excellence for students and alumni.

David Horowitz’s career has been a fascinating journey and proves the sky is the limit with an education from Bradley University.