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A new home for alumni

Although the ground may have been soggy from hours of rain, it certainly did not dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of the more than 200 alumni, faculty, staff and students who attended the historic groundbreaking of the Hayden-Clark Alumni Center. Even though the ceremony was held inside in the Markin Family Student Recreation Center, it was replete with the official turning of dirt with five special commemorative shovels and one historic shovel wielded by President Joanne Glasser, a shovel that was actually used in the groundbreaking of Bradley Hall in 1897.  

From left to right: Jerry and Marilyn Hayden, President Joanne Glasser and Bob and Kathy Clark.

"Bradley's national alumni association is 108 years old, almost as old as our university itself. This is a historic day for our 60,000 alumni and 6,000 future alumni who are enjoying the Bradley experience today," said President Glasser. "Many would say this groundbreaking has been a long time in coming."

The University announced last fall that alumni Jerry '59 and Marilyn Keller Hayden '61 and alumnus Bob Clark '67 and his wife Kathleen donated a total of $5 million, nearly half of what is needed to build the 34,700-square foot facility that will be built on the west side of Bradley Hall facing an alumni quad.

"Kathy and I are honored to be able to help build this legacy which will be here for decades to come," said Bob Clark, "I received a good foundation from Bradley University when I was here which enabled me to be able to do this."

"I don't consider this a gift to the university, I consider it an investment.  The money that the Clarks and we have given is an investment in the future of the education of the current and future students yet to be," added Jerry Hayden. "I am very glad that I could pay back just a small part of that I had learned at Bradley."

The Hayden-Clark Alumni Center, which will take 18 to 24 months to build, will include a high-quality ballroom seating 300 guests, an alumni library, conference rooms, and an alumni hall of pride. It also will be home to the Office of Alumni Relations.

"This alumni center will be our home and it is at the heart-both literally and figuratively-of the university," said Glenn Ross MBA '87 president of the Alumni Association. "We are the Bradley Family and every family needs a home."

"Bradley University, I am proud to say, is getting its own clubhouse," said Student Body President, Kyle Malinowki '11, as he recalled his childhood clubhouse where he and his friends would meet, even years later. "The new alumni center will serve as a place of tranquility--a beacon on the Hilltop that welcomes back the students of yesteryear."

To learn more about Bob and Kathy Clark and Jerry and Marilyn Hayden, please look for the second and third part of this series coming October 12th and 19th.